I am an artist, animator, illustrator, and graphic designer who loves the creative journey, from concept to finished product. I enjoy designing within strict structured guidelines, as it forces me to think creatively to solve design questions and often leads to better results. However, I also love the more free-flowing aspects of conceptual work, when the sky's the limit.
It's all very Fun!

Since I was a kid watching Disney films, I always knew I wanted to be part of that world...ahem...
My love of character animation and the growing landscape of digital creative mediums brought me to who I am today. Who is that? An artist and creative with a passion for visual design in all shapes and colors. From animation to illustration to motion and graphic design.
As a creative, I love how modern design is combining all the best aspects of graphic design with motion design, illustration, video, and character animation to create interesting and beautiful visual experiences across video, web, and other mediums.

Professional Experience
I began my career as a traditional 2d animator, using a combination of hand-drawn/frame-by-frame techniques with the emerging digital software at the time ( Flash and Photoshop ). I started out in what I consider to be my passion, children's animation, on short-lived pre-school series for Noggin and Cartoon Network.

With the New York City animation scene providing off-and-on work, I stumbled into an ad agency where my skills as an animator proved to be beneficial. It was here I collaborated with some very talented Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Art Directors, and Developers. It was through this talented creative team that I was able to begin broadening my skillset beyond 2d animation into more sophisticated Motion Graphics, Professional Visual Design, and Web Design.

From there I moved onto a larger agency working on projects for Sony, Coca-Cola, Hendricks Gin, and many others. I left the agency to start my own creative business. Under my brand The Gnome Workshop, I wrote and illustrated my first children's book. I also continued to work as animation and graphic design contractor for clients such as the NFL, Veggie Tales, and various other clients.

Today, I work as a Motion Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Art Director at both an agency and personal level.

I also continue to work as sole creative at The Gnome Workshop. I have self-published a Personalized and Retail version of my first book and have finished a second Monster-themed Alphabet book which coincides with work on a family/kid-focused Tabletop RPG.

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